Perform 400-600 Root Canals Annually With Your Present Patient Load! one visit and most in 30 minutes or less!


Here is What Other Professionals Have to Say

  • "Here I am sitting in Dr. Wilcko's Dallas course and my light bulb has just gone off. Even if I don't do any more root canals and just diagnose endo properly and refer it all out, that's still another 300 – 500 additional crowns in my practice. Every year!"

    Dr. Jack O.
    Dubuque, Ia.

  • "I've taken those big endo courses. You have to buy their stuff and they make it difficult – like they are the only ones who can do it. Dr. Wilcko showed what really works – he doesn't sell anything – and he makes it easy. Anybody can do it."

    Dr. Greg G.
    Las Vegas, Nv.

  • "I still love dentistry. But I have never liked case presentation. Dr. Wilcko provides the knowledge and materials whereby I can diagnose and present an endo case to a patient (whether the tooth hurts or not) in record time and still have an near perfect case acceptance. And I don't tense up anymore."

    Dr. William L.
    Alexandria, Va.

  • "Dr. Wilcko taught me how to diagnose root canals properly over 16 years ago. I computerized my office in 2000 so I can tell you that since then I have done 7,600 root canals in my practice in the last 14 years. That's between 500 – 600 a year. And I'm not even counting all the crowns."

    Dr. David D.
    Dallas, Tx.

  • "My father and I attended your endo course 20 years ago in Orlando. I just wanted to let you know that of all the courses I have ever attended, it by far had the greatest impact of any on my practice - the part on the dexamethisone alone was gold. My father has since retired but I wanted to thank you these many years later. We have commented through the years that it's very fortunate for us we acted on you mailing and attended.

    I hope this note finds you healthy doing well and still producing great RCT'S.
    God Bless You"

    Dr. Scott L.
    Athens, Ga.

  • "Dr. Wilcko was able to take advanced endodontic material and simplify it so a first grader could understand it. That's me."

    Dr. Mike K.
    Jacksonville, Fl.

  • "I attended Dr. Wilcko's first seminar in 1994 and it changed my life and the way that I practice dentistry. No other endo seminar will teach you how to diagnose endo like Dr. Wilcko's. His 2014 seminar is even better. It is a must see for anyone who wants to understand and do endos better."

    Dr. Rich B.
    Troy, Illinois

  • "I took your course last December in Chicago. I was 31 years old and had done 158 root canals last year. Well, it’s September 28th and already I have done 500 root canals this year. Ask me now if this course was worth it!"

    ~Peter A., D.M.D., Milwaukee, WI

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You WILL DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even QUADRUPLE your endodontic cases, and you WILL DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even QUADRUPLE your productivity!


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  • How to diagnose and treat pathology of the dental pulp instead of relying on pain and areas. Ever heard of “chronic degenerative endosteo-dentinoblastosis? Many, if not most, of your patients have it. It is pathologic and requires root canal therapy now! And it doesn’t hurt. HOW CAN YOU DIAGNOSE IT AND TREAT IT IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS? I will show you what it is, how to easily diagnose it and present it to the patients, and have a nearly 100% case acceptance rate.
  • How to perform “one-shots” on virtually every case you have in 30 minutes or less using our own techniques.
  • How to decrease your overhead and the number of your office personnel.
  • A multitude of helps and shortcuts Dr. Wilcko uses in every step of root canal therapy.

A New Vision!

The average dentist in the average dental practice is presently performing over 360 root canals annually. Dr. Wilcko wants you to catch a new vision. Dr. Wilcko wants you to realize that you don’t have to be just an average dentist in an average practice. Dr. Wilcko wants you to realize that you can be doing 400 - 600 root canals annually, probably in less time than it takes you to treat your current endodontic caseload, with less staff and less stress, and with noticeably fewer post-op emergencies.

Thousands of dentists have already profited from this course...DON’T MISS OUT!

5 Special Benefits

  1. An experienced seminar leader...Dr. Wilcko is an endodontist and has been doing what he is talking about for 35 years...Call him at (800) 526-3636 if you have any questions.
  2. Save $2,000 or more...register three or more dentists for the same session at the same time at $1,825 each and pay $2,000 less than the regular fee. Register two dentists at $1,995 each and pay $1,000 less than the regular fee.
  3. A 160 page, information-packed workbook for reference during the program and for back-home use.
  4. Double, triple or even easily quadruple the number of endodontic cases in your practice - NOW! Dr. Wilcko will show you how to diagnose endodontic pathology, not just pain and radiographic areas. You will learn how to easily diagnose the 4 new classes of endodontic pathology from your radiographs, have your patients understand and “own” their disease, and readily accept your root canal treatment. Each doctor will receive a FLIP CHART illustrating the 4 new classes of endodontic “diseases.” Use this flip chart to show your patients what endodontic “disease” looks like, and that they have the same “disease.”
  5. Troubleshooting your specific problems...having a specific or unusual problem? Dr. Wilcko will give you frank answers to any questions you may have.

*Tape Recording: This seminar is copyrighted, and tape recording of any portion is not allowed.


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